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I got a new 100mm lens for my Canon DSLR for Christmas. Thought I would take it out for a walk for the first time. It's an interesting thing. I'm sure I'll get better at it with practice ...

I had a ... well, two, actually, mystical experiences whilst going out at dawn this morning to photograph the winterwoods.

Art stuff is like that.

When you first start, it's all technical, be it paint, or words on a page, or setting your camera up.

You're all, "Oh what's going to be cool here? What could be good looking? What might be interesting to post on my Facebook page ..."

But then as the process unfolds and you immerse in the colours and the shapes (that's the same with writing too) and you trance out, get into more of a Sanctuary state, the energy mind kicks in and you see, hear, feel, taste, sense touch more ...

You start to interact with reality in a different way altogether ...

You see the sacred geometry in the winterwoods.

You perceive messages and metaphors you are drawn to.

You recognise resonances to your own existence, and understand things about yourself and the world around you.

The grid begins to reveal itself ...

I am in the process of melting.

I am beginning to soften, and to flow.

All relationships are interconnected, the same rivers, channels and pathways.

There can be no exceptions.

The Universal Laws rule them all and we human beings don't ... really realise that most of the time.

Don't really know how it got to be winter and why it was winter for such a long time.

But I am alive, and I am melting.


SFX Jan 2013


It's just a tree.

A woman in red boots feeding the ducks.

I don't care how fast you swim, you won't get away ...

"Well ... hello there ..."

A shivering palm tree.


"Haha ... I'm all disguised ... and you can't see me!"


A bunch of birds.


Circuit boards.


Sacred writing.


A sacred symbol.


So sometimes it snows. See if I care ...


We are snug and we are waiting ...




Snow flowers.


Snow buds.

fine reflections

Fine reflections.



Winterwalk by SFX 2013. Hampden Park, East Sussex, UK.

Posted Jan 21, 2013   
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